Unless you were living under a rock or ignoring the internet, it is no secret that Pinterest is becoming on of the most popular social media sites. It is also no secret that very little men are on Pinterest because Pinterest’s first users were women which means that content on the site are catered towards women. Many men that I know, or read about, complains that Pinterest in too girly and don’t know what content to put on their boards. Many women that I know, complains that the few men who are pinning on Pinterest don’t know what or how to pin. Well, the answered came two weeks ago when the men’s answer to Pinterest was launch; a new site called DartItUp.

DartItUp is the Pinterest for men and their motto “Share and Save Cool Sh*t” (the asterisk is actually there), sums up where they envision DartItUp to go. Dartitup.com was created by Brandon Harris and Michael Byrne, two friends who were both recently engaged and watched their fiancees become obsessed by Pinterest. Harris says that there are no rules to the site yet, but hopes the site will stay clean (no pornography etc…). Being a member of both sites, I was recently asked if DartItUp will be around, or fold in a couple of weeks or months. It was a good question and has been bothering me for awhile and here are my thoughts about if DartItUp  and Pinterest.

Being a male Pinterest user is already weird enough to others, but I have to admit that you have to enjoy what the site is about to like it. Whether you are “darting” or “pinning” if you do not like the concept of it you won’t be hook on Pinterest or DartItUp for very long. I joined DartItUp on the third day and it reminded me of Pinterests except the boards were named differently, more masculine as people say, and the color appealed more to men. As always men love competition and there is a section called the Challenge Boards where people can “dart” up pictures on various topics such as “The Ugliest Jersey Ever” or “Your First Car.” While these are nice and different, DartItUp just doesn’t feel like it can be a Pinterest—–yet.

What makes Pinterest so addicting is the community, engagement between users, and content that almost everyone can relate to. Sure the site can seem girly but it depends who you follow and what you “pin” up. Who can’t relate to good food, unknown or beautiful vacation spots, and many others unisex content on Pinterest, not just flowers, wedding dress,dolls, etc… On the other side, DartItUp in my opinion, has content that to me seems like it is for immature men. Cars, girls, “man” food, tools, sports and others topic men talk about can only be shared so many times. Brandon Harris says that men need a separate site. because men don’t feel comfortable talking about guy stuff in front of girls.” I don’t want to put up a sign that says Boys Only,” he said. “But we really kind of need it.” The only problem with that is the topics that men talk about don’t need sharing (picture-wise). The tension here is men don’t feel like sharing things with other men either. Unless you know someone for a couple of weeks or months, you won’t want to share information such as your health, what you eat, what’s in your car, and other many other things. The DartItUp community will have to get to know each other until the content gets better. There are also websites, forums, magazines and sport network (ESPN, NFL NETWORK, etc…) that also shares the same information DartItUp is trying to have people “dart,” but they don’t have to let anyone know what they are looking up.

Now don’t get me wrong. DartItUp hasn’t been around long enough for anyone to judge if they will be successful or not, but the testing phrase to me  is looking like a flop because:

1. They are lacking users.

2. They only appeal to a very small audience. (Right Now)

3. Their content is repetitive.

Pinterest has been around since March 2010 (officially), and it took them a year to get it going. There’s no doubt in my mind that DartItUp has a lot of potential, but from the looks of it, there is a lot of work to be done.  Now I will keep “pinning” and “darting” as long as others are still doing it, but for now Pinterest will continue to be my main site. I will continue to support DartItUp, and I am looking forward to watching the site, community and content grow.


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