The recent popularity of Pinterest has gathered the attention of brands and businesses all across the world. Pinterest, once primarily though to be for females, has exploded at a rate no one expected. Before it gathered this popularity, men were never even aware of Pinterest. Women used Pinterest to share ideas, pictures, creations, weddings and anything they thought others should know about. Today with a high amount of male users joining, the very same females who used and helped Pinterest get popular are opposing new members because many think that men don’t know how to pin.

When I firsted register for Pinterest, I immediately thought the idea was great because it reminded me of Twitter but with pictures instead of text. Upon using it for a couple of weeks, more and more men that I knew were also using Pinterests. They were using it for sports, night life, infographic and anything else a guy would think of putting up on there. Talking to a few of my female friends, they did not like this at all. They claim that there is a way to “pin” and that men don’t know how to use Pinterest correctly and should stop using the social media website altogether.

Just as in life, people are very protective of their property or what they own. Females were the very first majority users of Pinterest and molded the social media medium into their own hobbies and interests. With the incrfease in male users, new content that females aren’t familair with or content that they don’t care about will also be shared on their and I can understand that many females users are upset. However, they msut deal with this problem. Pinterest like any other social media sites wants to make money and become popular. Without the male population, they will never be able to take a step further and Pinterest realizes it. Rather than rejected the idea, I believe that if females Pinterest users cope with this fact, Pinterest will be an even better site for all users.


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