Before this year, I was only familiar with social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Through my social media class, taught by Senior VP of Edelman Digital Michael Brito (@BritoPain), I learned how vast and powerful social media is. This past week, I put everything I learned to work and was able to resolve a bad transaction by using HootSuite to monitor and communicate with Adobe through Twitter, which used Radian6 to communicate and resolve disputes with their customers through Twitter.

Last Wednesday, Kirsten Bailey (@6oz) of HootSuite spoke with my class via Skype to teach us how to use this social dashboard. HootSuite allows you to connect to multiple social networks and schedule updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress and other social networks in one browser. HootSuite also allows a person or company to follow a trend, monitor conversations by typing in keywords (such as #SocialSJSU or bad pizza) and use it as a marketing tool to help your social media campaign.While the free version is great, if you want the full experience of HootSuite, for $5.99 a month you can upgrade to HootSuite Pro which offers options that aren’t available in the free version such as Facebook Insights, archiving, Google Analytics, Klout Scores and many more.

The next day I capitalized on a mistake by an Adobe employee and bought Adobe CS 5.5 Design Premium for $90 (which was taken from my bank account before the deal went though), 80 percent off the original price of $449. That same night, Adobe announced that the sale was a mistake and took the deal off the web.  Calling their customer representative offered no help because they all said the same thing, “There is no  80% off deal for Adobe products.” After a few tweets on Twitter about Adobe on how frustrated I was and how horrible their customer service was,HootSuite appeared in my head.

I went on the HootSuite dashboard and typed in #Adobe, Adobe Cares and #AdobeSucks to see if other people were complaining about the same problem I had or find a solution someone posted. After a minute of looking through the tweets, I found out that hundreds of people were complaining to Adobe through their Twitter @Adobe or @Adobe_Care, and Adobe was using Radian6 as a tool to monitor all the complaints (Twitter lets you see if the person is using Radian6, HootSuite, etc…). Having nothing to lose, I used HootSuite to also complain through Twitter about my order and to my surprise, someone responded from @Adobe_Care via Radian6 through Twitter. I was shocked and gave them the information that was asked and about 20 minutes later I received an e-mail notification on my phone as well as a call from an unknown number. I answered the call and it was a representative from Adobe who told me that she (I couldn’t get her name but thank you for the EXCELLENT communication and service you provided) processed my order and I should received my serial number within an hour.

The serial number eventually came and I ended up following @Adobe_Care on HootSuite to monitor the situation til this day. Many new cases kept popping up about the deal dating as far back as December 22, 2011. Those orders were processing a full month before I made my purchase, but because of my knowledge about social media (mostly Twitter and HootSuite) I was about to get my product earlier than they did. Adobe eventually released a tweet saying that they will honor any purchases made before they took the deal down. Even though most customers were satisfied with Adobe, a few disgruntled customers who couldn’t get the deal kept complaining about how bad Adobe’s customer service was. Following Adobe on HootSuite, made me realize that Adobe has various Twitter accounts, and they try their hardest to help everyone. Any company who takes the time to e-mail, tweet and call a  customer to make sure that they have no more questions is not a company that provides bad customer service.

HootSuite saved me a lot of time, and without HootSuite, I would not have been able to create columns to monitor so many conversations at once about Adobe and figure out a solution to my problem that quickly. An advice to my fellow customers, use HootSuite and other social media networks to check if others are having the same problem as you are. Who knows, you might find the solution to your problem quickly rather than having to wait for it.


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