Living in America we can pretty much assume every American has had an experience with McDonald’s whether good or bad. This past week in my Social Media class at San Jose State University (you can follow us on twitter #SocialSJSU), we looked at several companies that made mistakes during the past few months. These mistakes cost them million of dollars as well as negative reviews and comments throughout the social media community. My group and I received the task of analyzing McDonald’s #MeetTheFarmer and #McDStories campaign that started on Twitter which backfired on McDonald’s.

The #MeetTheFarmer campaign was McDonald’s’ way of expressing that their ingredients were fresh from farms owned by the average Joe. McDonald’s then tried to build on that campaign by introducing #McDStories on Twitter, which lets people “tweet” about their experience with McDonald’s. Expecting only positive stories to be tweeted I don’t believed that they had a plan if it backfired. About an hour after they launch the campaign on Twitter, instead of positive stories, tweeters started to tweet about their negative experiences with McDonald’s(Click Here to read what got tweeted). Instead of apologizing to costumers and trying to resolve their negative experiences, McDonalds’ social media team ignored the problem. Within two hours of the campaign, McDonald’s shut it down and sent out a tweet and e-mail saying, ” People are blowing it out of proportion. Out of 72,123 tweets, only 2% of those were actually negative.” When asked about the problem and do they really believe only two percent are negative, they went around the bush and said, “No, I didn’t say that. I just said 2% were negative that day.”

In my opinion this situation wasn’t handle appropriately. What I thought McDonald should have done was from the negative experiences they were getting, they should have talked to the people who were tweeting these things and show that they will try to fix the problem so future customers won’t have to experience the same negative experience that others experienced. In this instance, ignoring the problems would not make it go away, because people can use the hashtag #McDStories even if McDonald’s stop the campaign. People are still talking about McDonald’s failed social media attempt and will keep talking about it until McDonald’s admit their mistakes and try to fix the problem instead of ignoring it.


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