The Right Thing To Do

The 4th Annual Spuler Ethics Symposium – Broadcast Ethics During Presidential Elections- hosted by  Matt Cabot, an associated professor in San Jose State University‘s School of Journalism and Mass Communications, was held yesterday at San Jose State University. Guest speakers included Rigo Chacon, Ysabel Duron, Jane McMillan and Bob Rucker. Various clips from presidential candidates as well as the Trayvon Martin case, were shown and discussed. The panels then discussed if the media had the right to do what they did and what they should have done if they made a mistake. Of all the information I received yesterday from the presentation, one stood out to me. When Cabot asked the panel, ” Why should we make the difficult ethical choice.” Each panelist gave their own reasons why, but Jane McMillan gave the most simple yet best answer of the day. McMillan said ” We make the ethical choice because it’s the right thing to do.” Continue reading


Can’t We Just Be Friends?

Last week in my social media class at San Jose State University taught by professor Michael Brito, we discuss whether employees should be Facebook friends with their bosses and vice versa. Days later, news broke out that a Camp Pedleton’s Sergeant Gary Stein has been placed on the Marine Corps review board and is being recommend for other-than-honorable discharged after he made a number of disparaging comments towards President Barrack Obama. He made comments such as Obama=Hitler and made a Facebook group to criticize the president.  I am torn on this issue because everyone has a right to express their thoughts (the First Amendment), but does being an employee really strip you of that right? Continue reading

Can DartItUp Become the Next Pinterest

Unless you were living under a rock or ignoring the internet, it is no secret that Pinterest is becoming on of the most popular social media sites. It is also no secret that very little men are on Pinterest because Pinterest’s first users were women which means that content on the site are catered towards women. Many men that I know, or read about, complains that Pinterest in too girly and don’t know what content to put on their boards. Many women that I know, complains that the few men who are pinning on Pinterest don’t know what or how to pin. Well, the answered came two weeks ago when the men’s answer to Pinterest was launch; a new site called DartItUp. Continue reading

Protecting What’s Yours

The recent popularity of Pinterest has gathered the attention of brands and businesses all across the world. Pinterest, once primarily though to be for females, has exploded at a rate no one expected. Before it gathered this popularity, men were never even aware of Pinterest. Women used Pinterest to share ideas, pictures, creations, weddings and anything they thought others should know about. Today with a high amount of male users joining, the very same females who used and helped Pinterest get popular are opposing new members because many think that men don’t know how to pin.

When I firsted register for Pinterest, I immediately thought the idea was great because it reminded me of Twitter but with pictures instead of text. Upon using it for a couple of weeks, more and more men that I knew were also using Pinterests. They were using it for sports, night life, infographic and anything else a guy would think of putting up on there. Talking to a few of my female friends, they did not like this at all. They claim that there is a way to “pin” and that men don’t know how to use Pinterest correctly and should stop using the social media website altogether.

Just as in life, people are very protective of their property or what they own. Females were the very first majority users of Pinterest and molded the social media medium into their own hobbies and interests. With the incrfease in male users, new content that females aren’t familair with or content that they don’t care about will also be shared on their and I can understand that many females users are upset. However, they msut deal with this problem. Pinterest like any other social media sites wants to make money and become popular. Without the male population, they will never be able to take a step further and Pinterest realizes it. Rather than rejected the idea, I believe that if females Pinterest users cope with this fact, Pinterest will be an even better site for all users.

Using HootSuite as my Research Tool

Before this year, I was only familiar with social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Through my social media class, taught by Senior VP of Edelman Digital Michael Brito (@BritoPain), I learned how vast and powerful social media is. This past week, I put everything I learned to work and was able to resolve a bad transaction by using HootSuite to monitor and communicate with Adobe through Twitter, which used Radian6 to communicate and resolve disputes with their customers through Twitter. Continue reading